Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New York, New York

Took my first trip to New York City last week, and boy howdy, was it somethin'.
Hot, humid, sweaty, packed, streets full of garbage. But I loved it. Every moment. 
What an experience.
From the numerous hot dog carts to the persistent beggars on the subway to the cockroaches on the walls.
Nothing sums it up better than one word: Character.
It has something from every culture, yet it is a city with a culture of it's very own. 
It's odd coming back to my small city of Spokane Valley. It almost feels empty. I would go back to NYC in a heartbeat, but I would never replace it with my hometown. Much, I suppose. 
It's interesting how you can be surrounded by throngs of people, and still feel lonely. 
But there was never a dull moment. 
Though I didn't see a Broadway show, and the only "celebrity" to speak of that I saw was an anchor from Fox News, it was an incredible trip.
Central Park, the West Village, the shops in Greenwich, Chelsea Market, Wall Street.
Getting off the subway in Harlem to nothing but a sea of black people and a Popeye's Chicken.
But my favorite experience was relaxing at the Pier in Lower Manhattan after a long day.
Seeing the sunset hit the buildings on the opposite side of the water, a stoic Brooklyn Bridge in the background, waves gently crashing the side of the docks, a man playing Motown Blues on his guitar a few feet away. 
Though my camera died, I'll never forget that memory. 
Some advice to others planning on seeing NYC in the future:
Stay for at least a week.
You'll need it.


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