Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dancing In The Dark

I'd like to address two people I greatly look up to. Russell Seaton and Eric Whitacre.
Russell Seaton was the choir director when I was in high school.
He was a father figure, a man with morals, and someone you could always count on to make the right choice.
One of my greatest memories is his wife and kids visiting him during class.
His two young daughters running to him as he bent down for an embrace.
Seeing that is what made me want to be a father one day.
The look on his face was the look you see on a completely fulfilled man.
Someone who is completely content and happy.

Eric Whitacre is another choir composer, one I don't know personally, but whose music I can turn to and feel at peace. When he speaks of his music, of how he makes it, he sounds genuine. Like it came from his soul. 

Maybe it's just something about choir music. When I hear it, it's magical. Poetic. Peaceful. 
It's pure.
That's probably why I can't listen to modern day pop and hip hop music nowadays.
I mean, to each his own.
But it's not pure.
Auto tuning isn't pure. And therefore, it's fake in my eyes. A mask.
Pure human voice is something so beautiful, and always seems to bring me back to the phenomenon that is human voice. It's transcendent. 
It sends a shiver down my body, as cliche as that sounds, I get it now. It's a literal, physical reaction from head to toe, and it feels like Heaven.

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