Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Girl I Never Kissed

The Earth is incredibly human.
I normally go for a walk at night, around 10 or 11. Just to clear my head.
I've always felt it very serene; the cool night air, the dim street lamps lighting my way, the stars blanketing the sky, the calm and quiet.
However this morning I altered my agenda a bit. Mostly due to waking up inexplicably early.
I took my walk instead this morning around 6 am. Right when the Sun comes up, as it turns out.
I took the same route, walked the same sidewalks, got barked at by the same dogs frantically protecting their master's territory.
Though it seemed like a new world. Seeing everything I always see, through a new lens.
Just goes to show you only see things a certain way until you happen upon it in a new light.

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