Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Sinner Kissed An Angel

Would you question someone you've looked up to for years if you'd heard a rumor about them?
Someone in my past may or may not have done something terrible.
For years I wrote it off as simple gossip.
That they were crazy to think it was true.
And yet, it could be me who's the gullible one.
Trying to see only the good in people.
Not acknowledging that it's human nature to slip up and make mistakes.
This person was a role model of sorts.
IS a role model of sorts.
Because I still refuse to believe it.
Is it that it truly couldn't have happened though?
Or am I just repudiating the claims because I don't want my role model to have turned out a bad person?
I would say that his good acts far outweighed this one not so good act.
But then again, two wrongs don't make a right.
It just seems unfair to deem a good person a criminal based on nothing more than a rumor.
Especially when it's hard to find someone with such genuine kindness, passion and morals.
Even in the off chance it did happen, it was a mistake.
The authorities did a damn good job keeping it hushed up.
In conclusion, I won't believe it.
I'll remember him as the person who cared.
Who gave you the time of day.
Who gave his family and friends all the love he had to give.

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