Friday, June 13, 2014

Dear Heart

Everyone should have their own personal manifesto. A gathering of words that, when uttered, strikes a chord in you. Calls you to action and lifts you back up. Points out your weaknesses and gives you the strength to face them head on. This is the the Manifesto de Tyler:

Go get lost.
Embrace the vulnerabilities that truly make us human.
Be there for family.
Never take friends for granted.
Don’t be afraid to experience life on your own.
Discipline yourself.
Ask the Big Questions.
Do as much as you read.
Be confident in any situation.
Remain strong.
Have control.
It will get better.
Live instead of going through the motions.
Without abandon.
Meet people and create with them.
Appreciate every bite.
Try more.
Suck less.
Be a beautiful mess.
Be alive.

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