Saturday, May 17, 2014

Drinking Again

Drunk Tyler reporting for duty.
I'd like to preface this blog by stating that I am inebriated. And and and and wine. :)
I stand before you today to address a very pressing issue: the useless existence of pennies.
What the hell, right?
I had to count down the register at work today, and you know what I realized?
Pennies suck donkey dick.
We don't use them anymore, they're useless, an STD on the giant cock of the American economy.
You can't buy jack with a penny.
You can't even buy a PENNY with a penny.
It costs more to make them than they're worth!
And some people are all "oh, but they're part of American history, we need to keep them for the sake of sentimentality!"
F*** YOU!
That's right, I censored myself!
That's how angry I am with pennies!
I digress.


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