Wednesday, May 14, 2014

All I Do Is Dream Of You

Been awhile since I've last blogged (I mean, previous to the one I posted earlier this morning. I'm not that clingy, don't flatter yourself), and it's only now that I appreciate the art (if you can call it that) of documenting and writing your thoughts as I do here.
I didn't particularly accomplish a lot today. I reluctantly crawled out of bed, ate a couple burritos topped with dangerous amounts of sour cream, watched a video of a zookeeper rough housing with an adorable lion cub. But I also blogged, and that blog made me feel as if I'd accomplished a week's worth of errands. It relieved so much mental stress that I'd (apparently) been stocking up and wasn't aware of until I hit that "Publish" button this morning. 
It's easy to write off or take for granted our minds. We're constantly doing, thinking, planning, daydreaming, actualdreaming, and stimulating that after awhile, we just expect our minds to suck it up and carry on. But like a broken leg needs a doctor, so too does our mind need therapy. Of one form or another. Whether it be a professional you're paying, or alcohol with a bath, or pounding out of few sentences for your ever-expanding fan base (looking at you 21 people in America and 1 guy in Germany). It's my hope to keep you both entertained and in a constant state of worry for my mental well-being, the latter being entirely unintentional. Thank you, more than you know.


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