Tuesday, January 15, 2013

As Time Goes By

Books or E-books?
Personally, I enjoy a good ol' page turner. A page turner with pages. The feel of the paper and the book I can grab and flip through just isn't something an e-book can compete with.
But maybe that's why there's so much disagreement on the matter.
The content remains the same, but they are two completely different mediums.
Paper and electronics.

Libraries are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and if I had to guess, the reasoning for attachment to standard paper and ink comes from it's integration in our lives from childhood.
We've all grown up with pen and paper. It is only now that schools are beginning to teach through e-books, online video tutorials, and PDF files. Our children's children won't ever know pen to paper.
It's time we evolve, society. Receive what technology has given us and view it as a a benefit to quicker learning rather than a threat to old routines.

Books shouldn't go extinct; I sure as hell want a physical, tangible copy of my books when they're published.
But it should certainly be curved drastically.
Recent statistics say 30 million trees are cut annually per year just for the purpose of books. That's just books. Not counting lined paper, documents, posters, etc.
Some argue relying on e-books will hurt us in the event of a natural disaster, in which electricity is knocked out. Though that is true to a degree, events that disastrous don't nearly happen enough to warrant the killing of 30 million trees per year.
Write a book in that bomb shelter of yours if it's that damn important to you.

Trading an aging, unpopular medium with one that is vastly eco-friendly and makes sharing/learning more convenient will ultimately be a step forward for humanity.


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