Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stuck in Spokane

Stuck in Spokane
If you’re looking for Neverland, turn back now.
If you’re a middle class asshole and an unhoused outcast and seriously, homeless as shit, welcome home.
We’ve got a distinct meth problem and a happy trigger finger to boot,
But for fuck’s sake, you’re worth fighting for.

You’re neighbors with Radical Republicans and I-Only-Shop-At-Huckleberries South Hillers.
Others say “There’s just nothing to do here, I can’t wait to leave,
Anyone who says otherwise is suffering from prolonged Stockholm Syndrome.”
But you belong inside, with the outsiders.
And should you part, or try to,
We finally understand. It’s not us, it’s you.

See, if you don’t want to watch the channel, change it.

Because when you come from a place like Spokane,
You never have or will be beneath someone else’s boot.
When the going gets tough, Spokane will make you tougher,
And when you can’t take anymore, she’ll be here,
The underdog awaiting her pup.

-Tyler Pursch, 2015 (after Christopher Stuck’s “Spokane is an America”)

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